How to Find the Right Self Storage in Ireland

How to Find the Right Self Storage in Ireland

Nowadays renting the best storage space has become essential to store your belongings so that you can avoid losing or damaging your items. While looking for storage facilities it is important to check out the cost of the storage unit, security, customer support, and the location. 

Here are some factors that will help you in finding the right self-storage in Ireland.

1. Purpose of the Storage

If you are thinking about renting the storage space short, medium or long-term, then find a suitable storage space that is built to cater to all your storage needs.

2. Size of the Items to be Stored

Your room size decision should be based on the items you are storing (size of items, quantity) and ease of access. We provide a variety of units to suit your requirements.

We offer self-storage facilities for residential, individuals, and businesses to store your belongings with flexibility and great value.

3. Ventilation

Before moving your belongings to a storage unit make sure to leave a little space for proper ventilation so that stored items could not get damaged.

4. Consider Insurance

It doesn’t mean that if you’re hiring the best storage company then nothing bad can happen, even with the best storage company things can happen. You should consider insurance policies in case of theft, bad weather, and any kind of damage. Insurance companies are always ready to help you in the payment of damages without affecting your business growth.

5. Location of the Facility

If you need a storage facility that you want to access frequently then finding the self-storage facility nearby may be the best option for you. It will save your traveling time and you can access your items easily.

6. Verify Security

It’s always a good decision to find a storage company that provides 24/7 security. Ensure the security features like locks, CCTV’s, fire alarms, and more before hiring the storage facility.

If you are looking for the right self storage unit in Ireland get in touch with Duffy Self Storage – #1 Athlone Self Storage company. We provide the best storage solution and right size unit to perfectly meet your storage requirements.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Self Storage Unit

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Self Storage Unit

Nowadays most people use self-storage facilities to store their belongings. It may be that you want storage space to store your off-season clothes, garden equipment, sports equipment. Or might be you need a storage space to keep your important stuff for which you don’t have a room. 

And if you are a business owner, you need a place to keep your important documents and files. Whatever the situation is, self-storage is the convenient and affordable way to store your items. 

To get the most out of your self-storage unit, have a look at the below-outlined points

Compare Facilities

When you have decided to rent space at a self-storage company then it is always a good idea to compare the company storage services. By doing this you can save your money and this will result in getting a better space for your belongings. 

Explore the storage facilities available in your area, ask self-storage companies about the features of their storage units, do they have CCTV for security purposes, and more. After the comparison, select the best self-storage company that suits your requirements and budget.

Pick the Right Size Unit

Once you have finalized the self storage company, with the great features then you should pick the right self-storage unit that fits your needs. If you choose a small-sized storage unit, you have to pack your belongings in a storage unit so tightly, this can cause difficulty to find the particular box. And if you rent a unit that is too large, then you’ll be spending more than you have to.

Choosing the right storage unit can be a tough task, but Duffy Self Storage is a top-rated Athlone Self Storage company that offers a variety of storage unit sizes that suits your needs.

Get Insurance

When you rent a storage unit online, over a call, or by visiting the company, the storage company offers insurance on your valuables. In many storage places insurance is necessary, if you don’t have storage insurance you must sign up for what the company offers you. Before renting the storage unit check storage rentals insurance policies because most of the policies do not cover the items that you keep in the storage unit.

Pack Your Stuff Right

Always keep your stuff in a well-organized way no matter what you store. Always remember whatever stuff you are storing should be clean and dry before you pack them. Make sure to pack fragile items in bubble wrap paper so that they don’t get damaged. 

To find the items easily without creating a mess just label the boxes and make an inventory of the items you have stored in a storage unit. This is the best option for getting the most of your unit.

When you are storing your boxes in a storage unit, stack them systematically. Put heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top this will result in utilizing the storage space in the right way.

Notes on Furniture

When you are storing your furniture, always dismount the furniture, by doing this it is easier to pack the furniture in the unit and save space. You can also wrap a table and chair or you can cover your furniture with blankets so that you can provide the best protection to your furniture. In addition, if you are looking for a self-storage company in Athlone, you can contact Duffy Self Storage they provide cost-effective and secure self-storage solutions that perfectly suit all your business-specific needs, whether it’s for long and short-term purposes.

Benefits of Commercial Self Storage for Your Small Business

Benefits of Commercial Self Storage for Your Small Business

Nowadays the world is developing rapidly from both a technology and business perspective. Various types of business are established every day and working hard to stay in the market. Meanwhile, to compete with your competitors you need to be resourceful. There are various options and strategies that will help you in sustaining your business.

Most of us are aware of how self-storage facilities work. Many of us think that self-storage facilities are only used for personal use. But self-storage facilities can help your business to grow in many different ways. 

To know how commercial self-storage can benefit your small business, have a look at the below-outlined points:

1. It’s Convenient and Flexible

No matter what size of business you are running, you can choose any storage unit size as per your need. When you are renting the storage space there are so many facilities and services available of which you can take the advantage of.

Many Storage Companies have month-to-month payment options and terms & conditions that are easy to terminate. You can store your belongings for the long term or short term as per your requirements. You can change your storage unit size anytime when your requirement arises.

2. It Makes Business Expansion Easy

It is always good to see your business growing. When your business is growing, you are having small space, and looking for expansion opportunities is not an easy task. Finding new office space can be a daunting task and it also comes with added cost. 

Meanwhile, there are so many ways to expand your office space, you can rent a self-storage company to store your confidential documents and office furniture that you don’t need frequently. By this, you will have enough space in the office and you will be able to add extra workstations for your growing staff.

3. You Don’t Have to Worry about Security and Safety

If you are storing your important documents, items in a storage unit, you might be worried about the safety of your belongings. But renting a Commercial Storage Unit for your business is the most significant benefit because self-storage companies provide top-notch security for your belongings. Self-storage units might be more safe and secure than your office or workspace.

4. Handy Warehouse

If you are running a business from your home or office, then renting a storage unit is a great option for you. You can use a storage unit as a warehouse to keep your stocks and inventories while working from home

Every Storage company has a wide range of storage unit sizes for every business need. You can choose a storage unit according to your storage needs.

 5. Temporary Storage during Business Transitions

When you are having an office space, then you can’t ignore renovations and relocations. Besides these, there are so many transitions a business has to go through. In these situations, hiring a commercial self-storage unit can be the best option. You can upgrade or downsize storage unit size as per your need.

Guide For Self Storage Beginners

Guide For Self Storage Beginners

Redecorating or renovating your home and need a secure place to store your items? Or maybe you are moving house and need space to store your belongings for some time.

A self-storage facility is the best solution to all your storage problems. Here are some points to understand how self-storage can help you:

What Is Self Storage?

Self Storage companies provide storage units of different sizes to store your stuff. Storage units are safe and protected and available according to your needs. You can also use boxes and plastic containers to store your belongings in a storage unit. The storage facilities are protected with CCTV, fire alarms and are controlled by the company.

How Can Self Storage Help?

When moving to a new house and have extra items that are needed or you use very often, you can keep those items in a storage unit so that there would be more space at your new home. Or maybe your new home is not ready yet and some parts are still renovating and you are worried about storing your furniture or household items, you can use self-storage in several ways:

  • Keep your furniture while cleaning or renovating your home.
  • Keep the refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher while the kitchen is remodelling.
  • Keep your wardrobe or wardrobe items while redecorating your bedroom.
  • Store the items that are not in use

How To Find The Best Storage Unit For Your Needs

Storage units have many features and you can choose according to your needs. Choosing the suitable storage unit to store your possessions, you should consider these factors:

  1. How far and convenient is the unit from you?
  2. Are the storage units secure?
  3. Do you have easy access to your unit?

Important Self-Storage Tips:

Packing may not be the most exciting task but it can protect your belongings from being damaged if done in a systematic way and with care. When you start packing make sure to dismantle items like beds, shelves, and cabinets before packing them. By doing this you will have more storage space and your belongings won’t get damaged while moving. And when you are packing easily breakable items, it would be better to pack them separately. And make sure you label each item fragile so that you can handle them with extra care.

Pack With Care

Label The Boxes

To access your items easily, even after weeks, months or years, you should label your boxes before placing them in a storage unit. By labelling the boxes, you will be able to find your items easily without opening your boxes.

Keep Your Boxes Arranged

After hiring the storage unit, it is good practice to keep your boxes ordered systematically. You can arrange the boxes in columns and rows and leave some space to pass through them so that you can reach everywhere without being blocked. Without arranging boxes it can be a very daunting task to search for an item quickly.

Stack When Possible

While arranging the boxes in the storage unit, you can consider stacking techniques. You can keep your heavy items boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top. When you stack your boxes in this way, you’ll be able to find your items easily.

Contact Duffy Self Storage

Duffy Self Storage is an Athlone-based self-storage company offering solutions for all your storage needs. We’re here to protect your personal belongings in our spacious and secure storage facility.

How to Store Your Valuable Items?

How to Store Your Valuable Items?

If you’re storing breakable objects like crockeries or glass figurines, cover each item in bubble wrap. This method will prevent them from colliding and creating cracks. Likewise, when storing furniture, wrap the arms, legs, and railings in bubble wrap for foolproof protection from moisture and other outer damages.

Most people have items of importance to them in some way. These items may be important because they are somehow associated with their loved ones. They can also be vital because of the cost. Leaving them around the home can create problems.

Fortunately, there is the perfect-fit solution. And the solution is to store your valuables in a self-storage unit which is the best way to protect them from damage, moisture or other temperature changes.

Here we have outlined some considerable tips to keep your belongings secure. Read our complete guide to storing valuable items.

1. Clean and Cover the Items

Don’t store items that are stained or dirty in a self-storage unit. With time, the damage will get worse, and this can lead to damage or holes. If you’re storing books, papers, files, photographs, or any type of paper-based products, use a dry cloth or soft brush to clean dust or debris. Clothes and any type of fabrics should be thoroughly dry cleaned to avoid any damage caused by moisture. If you are storing furniture, remove all the dust and cover every inch of item with a moisture control sheet.

When it comes to antique items, it should be properly wrapped to avoid damage as you move items around in a self-storage unit. Also, it is recommended to avoid wrapping delicate stuff in plastic sheets, as it can cause moisture to build up and cause damage to the goods.

2. Use Plastic Boxes

Store your photo frames, books, documents, and silverware in clean plastic containers to prevent premature spoilage. It’s advised to use plastic boxes instead of metal or cardboard boxes since they are less susceptible to temperature effects. However, don’t overpack delicate stuff as it could damage when they move around. You can also place valuable clothing or fabrics in flat, plastic boxes. Plastic boxes are available to purchase from us.

3. Wrap With a Bubble Wrap

If you’re storing breakable objects like crockeries or glass figurines, cover each item in bubble wrap. This method will prevent them from colliding and creating cracks. Likewise, when storing furniture, wrap the arms, legs, and railings in bubble wrap for foolproof protection from moisture and other outer damages.

We Go Above and Beyond to Serve You The Best

If you’re looking for the best-fit self-storage unit or self-storage facility you can rely on, turn to Duffy Self Storage in Athlone, Ireland. We offer reliable storage solution to our customers throughout the area. Our security protects your valuables.

Self Storage Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Self Storage Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Are you renting self-storage for the first time? Have been using self-storage service for a long time? Or maybe you’re just looking for a self-storage service to organise your residence or business belongings and take the first step towards clearing up your space. 

If you fall under any of these categories, this post will definitely help you get the most out of your present or upcoming self storage arrangement. Below, we have outlined some essential do’s and don’ts of self-storage.

Go For a Unit Near to Your Place

In the world of self-storage, ease of access is key and one of the most sought-after facilities. A right fit storage solution is something that doesn’t feel too hectic to access. When it comes to convenience, one of the most considerable aspects to consider is locality — namely, nearest to your place. If you have to drive an hour or more across the country just to check out your storage unit, then it doesn’t look like a convenient storage service that can be utilised more often.

Try to avoid this. Go for a storage unit or service that is nearby your residence or your workplace to ensure both accessibility and routine use.

Don’t Store Plants, Eatables, or Other Perishables in Unit

You need to understand a storage unit is not a pantry, and it’s definitely not a freezer. Hence, it is not the right place to store perishable items. You should be aware that keeping eatables, plants, or other organic things in a storage unit will eventually spoil. And this will definitely cause a terrible odor and harmful mould.

Such things can absolutely ruin other stuff in your storage box. However, if you’re going to store these things, kindly check with your storage service provider first. If they are providing appropriate storage units and temperature to store them, make sure each item is well-packed and safely placed away from any sharp edged objects.

Always Label Your Boxes

It is a hassle spending hours digging through your storage units, messing up your completely stacked boxes and well-adjusted rows of items, just in search of one small item in some random box that you aren’t able to find. To get rid of this scenario, always label your boxes from all 4 sides.

Avoid Using Units to Keep Flammable Items

There are some places where flammable items can be stored when not in use. But a storage unit isn’t one of those places. It is recommended to never keep any kind of flammable objects in your storage unit. Even if you are using a climate-controlled storage unit, a power cut or other emergency could cause rise in temperature and may ignite flammable objects. If you don’t have a climate-controlled unit, you’re inviting  risk to yourself ! 

Keep flammable items far away from the storage unit to protect your valuables and surroundings.

Put Your Frequently Used Items on the Front of Your Unit

This tip could be a no-brainer for some seasoned storage vets out there, but for those who have never rented a storage unit, it might be a good piece of knowledge. Put the things that you use quite often towards the front of your storage unit. This trick would help you to keep your items accessible and organized.

Don’t Climb on Top of Things to Lift Other Things

In a storage unit, climbing or crawling can often be an invitation of harm — for your body and for your units. If you need to reach objects above your head, use a solid step ladder for your unit and store it right next to the unit’s door. This will help you to keep your climbing as stable as possible.

Also, never try to pull anything from the middle of the pile and keep heavy items near to ground and light items on top. If everything you’re storing is heavy, don’t put it in a pile.

Store With The Best: Store With Us at Duffy Self Storage

Get in touch with a reputable storage provider that will give you a best-fit unit and hassle-free storage solution. If you are based in Athlone or nearby, there is no better place to store than right here at Duffy Self Storage. We are regarded as the Athlone’s #1 self-storage provider.

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