Attached Lid Containers 100L 600d x 400w x 416h Blue

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These large attached lid containers can hold large quantities of goods for effective residential, commercial, or industrial storage. The hinged lid ensures that goods are safely contained within the box, even when being moved or stored in stacks. Made from a quality PPC plastic with dimensions of 600mm D x 400mm W x 416mm H.


Ensure the safety and security of all your stored goods with these attached lid containers, with dimensions of 600mm D x 400mm W x 416mm H. These blue, plastic containers are impressively versatile and reliable, made from durable PPC plastic so that they can support heavy loads and withstand industrial conditions with minimal damage.

They are easy to carry thanks to the ergonomic hand holds at each end of the container, and they are also suitable for stacking on top of each other for more extensive storage needs. Easily identify and retrieve the contents of each container by applying adhesive labels to the exterior of the container.

Not only is the plastic extremely tough and durable, it is also easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. It reduces the accumulation of dust, meaning less intensive cleaning and maintenance is required.

Quality PPC plastic
Easy to maintain
Secure storage


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