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How to Find the Right Self Storage in Ireland

Writing a list. Find the right Self Storage provider for you

Nowadays renting the best storage space has become essential to store your belongings so that you can avoid losing or damaging your items. While looking for storage facilities it is important to check out the cost of the storage unit, security, customer support, and the location. 

Here are some factors that will help you in finding the right self-storage in Ireland.

1. Purpose of the Storage

If you are thinking about renting the storage space short, medium or long-term, then find a suitable storage space that is built to cater to all your storage needs.

2. Size of the Items to be Stored

Your room size decision should be based on the items you are storing (size of items, quantity) and ease of access. We provide a variety of units to suit your requirements.

We offer self-storage facilities for residential, individuals, and businesses to store your belongings with flexibility and great value.

3. Ventilation

Before moving your belongings to a storage unit make sure to leave a little space for proper ventilation so that stored items could not get damaged.

4. Consider Insurance

It doesn’t mean that if you're hiring the best storage company then nothing bad can happen, even with the best storage company things can happen. You should consider insurance policies in case of theft, bad weather, and any kind of damage. Insurance companies can help you in the payment of damages without affecting your business growth.

5. Location of the Facility

If you need a storage facility that you want to access frequently then finding the self-storage facility nearby may be the best option for you. It will save your traveling time and you can access your items easily.

6. Verify Security

It’s always a good decision to find a storage company that provides 24/7 security. Ensure the security features like locks, CCTV's, fire alarms, and more before hiring the storage facility.

If you are looking for the right self storage unit in Ireland get in touch with Duffy Self Storage – a very popular Self Storage Athlone facility. We provide the best storage solution and right size unit to perfectly meet your storage requirements.


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