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Storage Tips

  • What is Duffy Self Storage cancellation policy?
    You can simply give us a call on +353 86 384 2267 or you can drop a mail at, regarding your cancellation request.
  • What type of lock do I need for my storage unit
    You should use a padlock designed for the storage facilities. Please bring your own padlock
  • How quickly can I move into my storage unit?
    Once you have booked your storage unit at Duffy Self Storage, you can move in as early or as late as you’d like.
  • What items cannot be stored?
    We do not allow the storage of: Hazardous goods, illegal, stolen items, toxic materials Pollutants, contaminants, waste Perishable goods, live animals, living plants Cash and securities Explosives, firearms, ammunitions
  • Can I change my storage unit size later?
    Yes, you can, you only pay the rent by the month, so you can cancel, downsize, or upgrade your unit as per your need. Minimum 1 month to start.
  • Where is Duffy Self Storage
    Duffy Self Storage is Athlone based self-storage company. You can navigate us by clicking-
  • What can I store in your Storage Unit facilities?
    You can store any personal, household, and commercial items in our storage units.
  • Are there any hidden charges I need to know about?
    Absolutely not. Our pricing is upfront and a flat-rate fee is charged by the month.
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