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Personal Storage

Home Storage boxes ready for move to new home via duffy self storage

We Look After You and Your Belongings


If you live in a small accommodation with restricted or limited storage space, you may have difficulty finding storage space for all your belongings. This can lead to a cramped, untidy and cluttered living space because most of the items are placed in the most-used parts of your home.

At Duffy Self Storage, we offer a solution to all your storage problems by providing personal self-storage units in Athlone, Ireland.

Open Up Space at Home with Us

Whether you’re wondering to streamline or optimize your home storage space, or preparing to move to a new house, Duffy Self Storage has a full-fledged personal storage solution for you. We offer a comprehensive household self storage solution for your furnishing, books, garden equipment, clothing and other personal stuff.


We understand how nerve-wracking life can be when you’re running low on storage. We’re here to protect your personal belongings in our spacious and secure storage facility. If you’ve never used the self storage feature before, there is nothing to worry about, it’s pretty simple, and we’ll help you every step of the way. You just need to determine what items you want to store and we will help you choose the most suitable unit for you.

With us, you can completely streamline all the belongings in your home, big or small.


Find our storage solution in Athlone or nearby, and rent a unit with us today! Also, our proficient team is always here to assist you and can answer all your queries you may have about our self-storage units and rental service.

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