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Self Storage Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Are you renting self-storage for the first time? Have been using self-storage service for a long time? Or maybe you’re just looking for a self-storage service to organise your residence or business belongings and take the first step towards clearing up your space.

If you fall under any of these categories, this post will definitely help you get the most out of your present or upcoming self storage arrangement. Below, we have outlined some essential do’s and don’ts of self-storage.

Go For a Unit Near to Your Place

In the world of self-storage, ease of access is key and one of the most sought-after facilities. A right fit storage solution is something that doesn’t feel too hectic to access. When it comes to convenience, one of the most considerable aspects to consider is locality — namely, nearest to your place. If you have to drive an hour or more across the country just to check out your storage unit, then it doesn’t look like a convenient storage service that can be utilised more often.

Try to avoid this. Go for a storage unit or service that is nearby your residence or your workplace to ensure both accessibility and routine use.

Don’t Store Plants, Eatables, or Other Perishables in Unit

You need to understand a storage unit is not a pantry, and it’s definitely not a freezer. Hence, it is not the right place to store perishable items. You should be aware that keeping eatables, plants, or other organic things in a storage unit will eventually spoil. And this will definitely cause a terrible odor and harmful mould.

Such things can absolutely ruin other stuff in your storage box. However, if you’re going to store these things, kindly check with your storage service provider first. If they are providing appropriate storage units and temperature to store them, make sure each item is well-packed and safely placed away from any sharp edged objects.

Always Label Your Boxes

It is a hassle spending hours digging through your storage units, messing up your completely stacked boxes and well-adjusted rows of items, just in search of one small item in some random box that you aren’t able to find. To get rid of this scenario, always label your boxes from all 4 sides.

Avoid Using Units to Keep Flammable Items

There are some places where flammable items can be stored when not in use. But a storage unit isn’t one of those places. It is recommended to never keep any kind of flammable objects in your storage unit. Even if you are using a climate-controlled storage unit, a power cut or other emergency could cause rise in temperature and may ignite flammable objects. If you don’t have a climate-controlled unit, you’re inviting  risk to yourself ! 

Keep flammable items far away from the storage unit to protect your valuables and surroundings.

Put Your Frequently Used Items on the Front of Your Unit

This tip could be a no-brainer for some seasoned storage vets out there, but for those who have never rented a storage unit, it might be a good piece of knowledge. Put the things that you use quite often towards the front of your storage unit. This trick would help you to keep your items accessible and organized.

Don’t Climb on Top of Things to Lift Other Things

In a storage unit, climbing or crawling can often be an invitation of harm — for your body and for your units. If you need to reach objects above your head, use a solid step ladder for your unit and store it right next to the unit’s door. This will help you to keep your climbing as stable as possible.

Also, never try to pull anything from the middle of the pile and keep heavy items near to ground and light items on top. If everything you’re storing is heavy, don’t put it in a pile.

Store With The Best: Store With Us at Duffy Self Storage

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